ECG’s Partners


Vitamin Angels – helps at-risk populations in need—specifically pregnant women, new mothers, and children under five—gain access to lifesaving and life changing vitamins and minerals.

Nicaraguan Ministry of Health (MINSA) – A government agency responsible for the health system that caters to the Nicaraguan people according to their needs and ensures free and universal access to health services, promotes the population practices and healthy lifestyles that contribute to improving the quality and life expectancy and national efforts to improve human development.

Nicaraguan Ministry of Education (MINED) – a government agency responsible for the educational system in

Nicaragua Ministry of Family (MIFAMILIA) – a government ministry assisting family services.

Los Pipitos Center – a national organization that provides services to children with physical and mental disabilities with local branches throughout Nicaragua.

Mama Beth’s Children’s Program – A nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide fundamental support to orphaned, poor, abused, abandoned and street children in Kenya and Africa.

Partnership for Sustainable Development (PSD) – a non-governmental, social development organization which aims to support the poorest and most vulnerable communities in Nepal.

ASEBED Hospital – a hospital in Cap Haitian, Haiti that provides high quality services to those who can afford them in order to supplement the care of those who cannot.

Samriddhi School – An Elementary school in Nepal committed to providing an outstanding learning environment to our students, to enable them to excel and thrive in a complex, constantly changing world, getting more interconnected by the day .

Orchid Garden Nepal – a Non-Government Organization (NGO) that provides early childhood development programs for the children of impoverished Nepali families. Founded by Mrs. Bina Basnet in 2006, it provides a safe and fun environment for the poverty-stricken children to discover, learn, and develop. Taking a multifaceted approach, it provides nutrition, life skills, and support to the children.

Asociacion de Programa Integral Educando con Amor y Tenura”(APIEAT) – In 2003, Founder Deborah Young, PhD created an auxiliary of local Nicaraguan volunteers in the Jalapa valley to provide ongoing project support. This auxiliary consists of 10 members. 

Each APIEAT member receives 3 months of training in order to support the projects of Poverty Matters International.  APIEAT efforts provide assistance for the community projects identified by Dr. Young’s CEPET Program in 12 different Nicaraguan communities.  These communities include: La Chureca, El Tismal, Jalapa, Champigny, Pasmata, Chusli, El Trapiche, Teotecacinte, El Libani, Nueva Esperanza, El Escambray and La Limonera . Assistance from APIEAT volunteers includes home visits, educational instruction, overall project implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

The New Mother’s project – endeavors to reduce the impact of poverty in rural Jalapa, Nicaragua, which is a direct or indirect cause of inadequate education, high adolescent birth rates, increased maternal and child mortality, and chronic infant malnutrition for residents in these communities.

Jalapa Hospital – public hospital in Jalapa, Nicaragua providing local medical care for those residents.

Mayor’s Office of Jalapa – “… to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Jalapa Valley by providing a clear vision, strong leadership and quality services.”

Casa Materna – A local house in Jalapa where women from the rural areas of Jalapa, Nicaragua can stay for their last two months of pregnancy so they are near the hospital for delivery.

The Hoop Dream – a nonprofit project that brings the game of basketball to areas of East Africa and Nicaragua.

STOP! – a nonprofit organization in New Delhi India with the mission to stop sex trafficking and oppression for women and children.

Thuksel Early Learning Center – an early childhood educational center in Paro, Bhutan.