OUR MISSION at Empowering Communities Globally: For the Care of Children (ECG) is to reduce the impact of poverty in the world’s marginalized, vulnerated, and underserved populations by empowering communities through participation and education. Through compassionate and holistic early childhood care, development, and education we empower local primary caregivers providing support and access to learn about preventative healthcare, community development, child development and ways to strengthen protective factors. By elevating voices within communities, we encourage and support sustainable community and economic development.

5 Countries Supported

At least 18,000 families served since 2004

$50 provides seeds and two home visits for one family.

What Do We Do

Empowering Communities Globally is a partner in community development around the world, driven by equal parts research and compassion. Our work amplifies the voices of underserved communities through an innovative, empowering framework that draws intentional focus to the needs of children and women. Every project we undertake is embedded within communities, driven by communities, and catalyzes lasting, intergenerational change.

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Every community is filled with voices and experiences. Read some of their stories.

Doug Goes to Palestine
Kenny in Kenya

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