• $25 Provides seeds and two initial home visits for one family to start a backyard garden.
  • $50 Purchases a water filtration system with two initial home visits to provide potable water for a family for up to 10 years.
  • $150 Builds a fuel-efficient stove for a family with follow-up visits to ensure safety, function and sustainability.
  • $250 Supports one scholarship student for the year-backpack, school supplies, uniform and shoes, transportation and counselor support.
  • $500 Delivers weekly home visits to support a child with disabilities and their family; provides prenatal care in the home for one year.
  • $1000 Provides needed textbooks for an elementary classroom or supports story hours for children in 12 villages for three months.
  • $1500 Enables one locally trained “Promotor” to visit 40 families per month for an entire year- home visits, workshops, health education and more…
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